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Questions & Known Issues

Rest assured, we’re working on it!

We’re working hard to make your Digital Banking experience the best it can be. Below is a list of issues we’re aware of and bugs we’re fixing.  

Mortgages: If you have a Mortgage with the Credit Union, the amount of interest paid YTD is listed as $0.00 in the Mortgage Details screen.

Online Credit Card Statements: Some joint cardholders are unable to view online Credit Card statements.

Travel Notifications: Travel Notifications cannot be submitted through the mobile app at this time. Notifications can still be submitted online or through the mobile website.

CURewards® Points: CURewards points can be viewed and redeemed through the Card Management widget.

Frequently Asked Questions

I see my accounts from multiple memberships when I log in. Why is that?

With Digital Banking, you’re able to view and manage all of the loans and accounts you have with the Credit Union in one place—with one simple login. This includes your primary account(s), as well as any accounts on which you’re a joint owner.

Can joint account holders create their own login ID and password?

Yes! Joint account holders are encouraged to establish their own Login ID and password. By doing this, they’ll be able to see their individual accounts and jointly-owned accounts in one place and not just those tied to the primary account holder. Learn more.

What do joint account holders see if they log in using the primary account holder’s Login ID and password?

If using the primary account holder's Login ID and password, a joint account holder will see the account on which they're a joint, and they'll also see ALL of the accounts tied to the primary account holder. This means the joint will have access to any account visible.

Joint owners will NOT see:

  • Their own individual accounts, unless they're jointly owned by the primary
  • Their own credit card, unless it's jointly owned by the primary
  • Any of their loans unless the primary is a co-borrower

Joint account holders will be able to establish their own Login ID and password. By doing this, they'll be able to see their individual accounts and jointly-owned accounts in one place.

Are there help resources available?

Yes! We’ve developed a series of tutorial videos to walk you through different features of Digital Banking. You can also access additional FAQs via our Questions & Known Issues page.

Where can I find my account number?

To find your account number, log into Online Banking and select the deposit account for which you would like the information. The account number will be listed in the “Account Details” section.

How do I set up a Login ID and Password?

It’s easy to set up access – just follow these steps.

How do I reset my password?

To reset your Online Banking password:
  • Enter your Login ID/username, click Log In.
  • Click the forgot password link (to the right of the password field).
  • The next screen will ask you to verify your identity. Enter your Login ID/username, email address, and member number. Click Continue.
  • You will be asked how you would like to receive a temporary password. You may choose either email or text message. Click Continue.
  • You’ll see a notification that a temporary password has been sent. Enter your Login ID/username in the field provided to continue. Click Log In.
  • Once you receive your temporary password, enter it into the Password Reset screen. Click Log In again.
  • Note – the temporary password will expire after 20 minutes.
  • You’ll now be asked to establish a new password. Make sure that your new password meets the stated requirements.
  • When done, click Continue. Your password is now reset, and your account dashboard will display.

Can I transfer funds to another Credit Union member?

Yes, you can set up transfers to another member in Digital Banking. To set up a transfer:
  • Log in to Online Banking and click on the Transfers widget.
  • Click on the Classic tab.
  • In the "To Account" section, click the Add Account button and select At BCU.
  • Enter the information for the account to which you'd like to transfer. You will need the last name of the member, the account type (loan or share), the member number and loan/share ID number. The loan/share ID is the last 4 digits (after the hyphen) of the number listed below the account name on the dashboard.
  • Add a nickname for the account. This name will appear in your account listing the next time you'd like to make a transfer.
  • Click Save.

Note: to set up a member to member transfer in the mobile app, simply click Add Account located in the upper right corner of the screen after opening the Transfers widget.