Secure Messaging

Use the Message Center within Online Banking to protect your information.

Man sitting on couch on his laptop
Sending the Credit Union your
sensitive data and keeping it secure.
  1. Overview


While it's a great way to get answers to many of your questions, email is not a secure channel for sharing account information.

For specific questions involving your account number—or any other questions involving your personal data—please take advantage of secure messaging:

  • Log in to Online Banking
  • Select the Message Center widget on your dashboard. If it’s not on your dashboard, click on the More icon below your favorites and then click on Message Center.
  • Click the compose tab to send a secure message

What should be sent via the Message Center?

Here are just a few examples of the kind of communications that are recommended for secure messaging through the Message Center:

  • Documents - Sending the Credit Union your driver’s license, DocuSign documents, payroll checks, statements, etc.
  • Transactions - Questions about your transactions and balances
  • Fraud/Disputes – Filing fraud/dispute claims
  • Loans – Questions about your loans (payments, insurance options, refinancing, etc.)

Unsure about the best way to communicate with us? For the fastest, safest service, you can always rely on secure messaging.