Android Pay™

Enables you to pay your way. Whether you're in a store or online—it's ready to use.

anroid pay on phone
Pay using your Credit Union
credit or debit card with just a single touch.
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Your Credit Union and Android Pay enable you to make purchases using your Android mobile device in participating stores and apps.

Pay with a single touch

You can use Android Pay in stores where you see contactless terminals with either of these logos:


You don't have to open the Android Pay app to make a purchase with your NFC phone; just follow these steps:

  1. Wake up and unlock your phone.
  2. Hold the back of your phone against the contactless payment terminal.
  3. If prompted, choose "Credit" regardless of your type of card.

A secure way to pay

When you shop at a merchant, Android Pay doesn’t send your actual credit or debit card number with your payment. Instead we use a virtual account number to represent your account information—so your card details stay safe.

Enroll your Credit Union debit or credit card, and visit to see how Android Pay will change the way you pay.